Angels of Assisi 

Angels of Assisi is an independent, nonprofit animal welfare organization that serves Southwest Virginia. They provide various resources, programs, and services to benefit the pets in our communities. They offer an Adoption Center, Farm Sanctuary, Community Pet Hospital, Rural Veterinary Care, Cruelty Investigations, Disaster Response, and a Safety Net Program for those needing temporary help due to domestic violence or emergency situations.

Dayna Reynolds, Director of Communications, spoke with us about their role in the community - 

 How many animals do you have at any given time?

"In four satellite locations, there are anywhere from 5 to 10 cats at any given time. At our downtown Roanoke location, we have both cats and dogs. We usually have anywhere from 35 to 40 dogs at any given time."  

Did adoption numbers increase or decrease in 2021? 

"Unfortunately, there has been a decrease in pet adoptions. This is a nationwide issue. This is why we appreciate every one of our foster families. They are essential in keeping our animals healthy and optimistic.

What are Angels of Assisi's favorite donations from the community? 

"Bedding, Blankets, Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Non-Clumping Litter, Stuffed Toys, and Towels. We do accept used items in good condition."

Just an example - How can a $15 donation help?

"$15 covers the vital Rabies vaccination for a Disaster Response animal. $15 feeds an animal for nearly two weeks. $15 covers the cost of microchipping before an animal goes to their forever home.”

What is Angels of Assisi’s favorite thing about the Roanoke community?

“We love the loyalty of our community. Gratitude for our mission is shown in so many wonderful ways. In the search for our new, upcoming location, it was essential that we stayed downtown Roanoke for easy accessibility around the community that has shown us so much love.”

 What opportunities are there to get more involved?

“We have a Downtown Dogs program that operates daily. An approved volunteer can provide a day out for the animal. A simple way to support is following and sharing our mission on social media.”

For more information, please visit or contact Angels of Assisi:
415 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016
(540) 344-8707
Facebook + Instagram: @angelsofassisi


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