Blue Ridge Women’s Center 

Blue Ridge Women’s Center serves women facing an unplanned pregnancy with a safe environment to be heard and supported. Every woman is empowered with resources and support that give her an opportunity to make an informed choice for her and her family through various free and confidential services. 

I spoke with a previous BRWC client (whose identity will remain confidential) about her personal experience. 

How were you feeling when you first contacted BRWC? And how did you feel after receiving services? 

Hmm…..I would say discouraged and scared of course. I called and got in for an appointment the next day. Everyone was friendly and I didn’t feel judged. That was huge for me. This fear was new to me, but they reassured me that it wasn’t new to them. Every interaction I had moving forward was professional and comfortable. I never felt like I was working with an organization. Everyone was always so welcoming and excited to hear from me.” 

What was your favorite aspect of BRWC? Did you have a favorite service or class or maybe someone you worked with?

Oh, gosh…It has been so long. I can’t remember any names, but I do remember how many resources and people they worked with. It seemed like they always knew someone who could answer my question or recommend a product I was looking for or just talk to me. The classes were my favorite! They offer so many different ones and the schedule was accommodating.” 

Do you feel that BRWC is essential in our community? For example, what makes you recommend them to a friend versus another organization?

Absolutely. Their response time was always so quick! Whenever I reached out, I heard back immediately. At my most vulnerable, I was anxiously impatient. I know I already said this, but it was like they made me feel so comfortable and normal when this was not a normal situation for me. They were VERY generous with their time. I could call 3 different times in one day and they were just as friendly and encouraging each time.” 

What would you share with another woman who feels scared or hopeless in an unplanned situation? 

3 things: 

#1. It is scary, yes. But you are not alone. Do not isolate yourself. 

#2. Be patient with yourself…And be nice to yourself too! 

#3. Ask for help. BRWC is a great first stop, but there are MANY others! Asking for help is the best thing you can do for yourself.” 

For more information, please visit or contact Blue Ridge Women’s Center: 
5034 Williamson Road
Roanoke, Virginia 24012
(540) 362-4357 
Facebook: @BlueRidgeWomensCenter
Instagram: @brwcroanoke


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